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retail spaces for fashion

noverso can design organize and build your complete brand image including the locations where clients come  to experience your products/services and atmosphere around them.

imagining objects and spaces than shaping them and making real gives us a lot of pleasure. we enjoy this process very much and are very passionate about every creation coming from our studio. we put hart in every detail. we always prepare very real looking digital 3d models of the project and if you need one true models.







commercial spaces & galleries

for the creation of commercial spaces we use tasteful fixtures and all kind of displays manufactured in big variety of techniques and materials.

we incorporate modern bendable plexiglas with best choice of colors, wood, metal, printed foils and many other solutions to make your place more interesting, appealing, memorable, a place that best communicates your values, a place which your target group identifies with.

branded stores

our marketing, branding and design expertise combined together create amazingly powerful synergies. we are daring in everything we do and this is transfered and emanates from our works and designs.

we are here to help you make an impact, whatever this might mean to you: are we going for impressing or calming the visitor, making him relaxed or energized. we understand the spectrum of emotions your brand is best suited for.




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