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promo teams

for many kinds of your promotional events, we prepare skilled, trained and motivated people who engage others with their positive personalities, smooth communication and openness for interaction.

noverso presents you with new and fresh solutions. we can use outfits provided by you or these of our standard wardrobe ... of course you can ask us to prepare custom made outfits, special for your brand or this particular event.


some of your events will be less open, more discreet, invitation only gatherings meant for your business partners and important stakeholders. maybe you want to organize a fund-riser or a celebration for past achievements.

we are here to provide you with the best trained hosts and hostesses, who can accommodate any kind or theme of social event. noverso strives for versatility and our hostesses share this philosophy, they are trained and feel comfortable in many different settings from october fest to glamorous gala's.


we collaborate with several top dancing companies and individual dances. once again everything is well suited to your needs.


we arrange the perfect special performers for you. acrobats, acrobats, equilibrists, speakers, jugglers, singers, specialty bands, irish pipers, stilt walkers, footballers, sportsmen and many more.

we make you stand out. this is our only goal and purpose. professionalism to the very end with level of detail you will not find elsewhere.

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