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large format prints

we are the one stop place for everything you can imagine being designed for company promotion. we not only design but also deliver and install finished products to your point of destination. whatever you may need in every size and shape.

noverso is ready to make large format prints on every material used by the industry. the variety and possibilities are immense here. from traditional billboard, transfer prints, printed foils, prints on aluminum etc.

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fleet as advertising medium

we design and produce special solutions for the fleet of your company, from small city car to full size cargo trailer. we can amaze you here. we feel very comfortable with the surface of the car as the canvas for our creative work.

noverso is very attentive to detail and our priority is meeting the quality requirements of our clients. we partner only with the best suppliers in the printing industry.




office stationery & more ...

we design and print all kind of print works: business cards, fliers, organizers, envelops, posters, wall imagery, premium quality photo prints, posters, recordable dvd's with your branding. everything in broad rangers of shapes, dimensions and materials.

we purposefully do not publish our full assortment because in general we are able to deliver everything you need, everything you've seen somewhere is here.

premium photo prints

our expertise in photography spans also on professional high quality photo printing. we use  the best materials, state of the art printers and well calibrated full gamut monitors with properly corresponding icc profiles. this ensures constant and matching print representation of the work on the screen.

you can commission us to prepare custom artwork for you space. choose from our own broad archive of photographs or simply order prints of your own works. noverso is able to prepare the whole exhibition for you.




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