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fashion photography

we have a team of photographers who can make photographs in practically every style and technique. we work with model agencies, independent models, make-up artists, hair dressers and other professionals. we like to try new things ... we actually prefer it when we can explore and discover.

glamour photography

we follow current trends of beauty and glamour photography. building daring and energetic scenes is as familiar to us as making them calm and moody.

artistic photography

our imagination and photographic skills are very often the basis for our advertising work. we are able to produce most of the designs in-house while incorporating our own team for all stages of production, stage design and lighting.

architecture photography

we provide set of services and products for architects, construction companies and real estate agents as well individual clients: video's of the asset, 360o photographs (panorama), floor plans, well designed folders and brochures.

event photography

noverso captures compelling, professional images of individuals and groups at meaningful events in their lives. we efficiently present those images to all potential consumers and offer multiple, end-products and services to help our customer share, present, and preserve those memories.

product photography

in this category you can find very interesting solutions for product photography. we are able to produce single staged photographs together with DTP design, and illustration for advertising. the web gives many opportunities to improve the presentation of the product. to best use this vast flexibility of the web we create interactive facilities, also why not make a 360o rotatable product presentation images? noverso offers very modern, complex solutions for every industry, among which, fashion click-and-mortar retailers. here we give you photos with invisible mannequin, staged presentations and complete advertising designs.

food photography

noverso produces attractive photographs of food for a variety of uses including in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus or cookbooks. noverso is very flexible to the needs of our clients. if needed we create glamorized spectacular visual presentation of your delicious foods. we work together with professional food stylists.

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