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event organization

superior organization processes at noverso are there to benefit you in preparing your perfect company event. we help and advise on choosing the best location, arrange the scheduling, guests and speakers as well as provide representatives of your brand or company. we meet all your requirements. we help you enrich your happening with premium musicians and artists.

noverso is primarily a creative place, we use our combined expertise to achieve synergies in many different fields. this makes us unique. we are ready to prepare events for you with a broad range of themes and genres.




scene design & construction

we design and manufacture complex scene for venues, artists and festivals. our knowledge of many techniques and the newest trends in event creation is the foundation of our high quality realizations.

our designers constantly acquire knowledge about new materials and possibilities they bring for our designs. we incorporate acrylics, paints, wood, metal, digitally programmed lighting, LED technology and more ...




lighting & lasers

modern lighting techniques can add extra edge to the event. we put a lot of attention and thought in preparing light techniques which correlate to the brand and at the same time are tasteful, coherent and impressive.

no matter what you have in mind, we can help you realize it. our master artists, designers and technicians can help you organize your goals and implement a plan.

full color lasers bring a magical depth to your presentation, and make the mundane magnificent. Whether you are arranging an art installation, company event, convention, musical performance, private party or trade show, we seamlessly integrate a custom laser production into your program. It’s the perfect opportunity to elevate the potency of your event

audio & sound

audio systems suited for every size and type of the event. professional sound engineers and premium quality equipment ensure proper sound quality at your corporate event or concert.

noverso works together with the best musicians, djs and speakers and is there for you to arrange the right performers for you day.




space planning & furniture

noverso provides planning and unique, premium furniture and accessories for corporate, conference and trade show events. the creativity and service strengths combined with broad network of designers and producers makes us reliable partner.

our team works out every stage of the event building process to assure providing you with perfect design combined with well thought functionality.

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