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at noverso we believe that everything begins with a good name. your company will invest time, effort and funds in building the perception of your brand. you want to make sure you invest in the right horse. many big brands started small but it is also the good chosen name that helped them achieve their full potential.

over the course of years we have created many great names in broad range of industries and language target groups. noverso helps establish your strong and interesting brands which clearly communicate and meet the expectations of your customers. essentially we make you differentiate from your competitors. we believe brands perform best when their design is approached in a unified manner.

logo & type

after choosing the perfect name it is time to dress it in adequate outfit. the logo is very important part of the whole visual branding mix. it is amazing how much the shapes of the letter-type can influence the reception of the brand by the viewer.

with just letters itself you can present the company as strong, professional and modern or as one with heritage, experience and premium quality. it all depends on the message the brand is designed to represent.





our broad knowledge of different techniques and mediums of promotion can be used to firmly imprinting your company or product on customer's landscape and placing it in his field of view.

for this we can use well-prepared promo teams with amazingly crafted outfits and hundreds of different promotional products.

we are there to advise you which promotional items to use. we know their quality, specifications and what will bring the best result


after thorough market research noverso prepares tailor made strategy solutions for you product, service or idea. we are problem solvers. brands from various industries may need special attributes: youthful, professional, noble, distinguished or luxury.




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